baal veer characters

Baal Veer Characters

Introduction :

Baal Veer is an Indian TV series for children. It has been produced by Vipul Shah and written by Amit Sen Chaudhry. The plot of the series revolves around a boy named Baal Veer (also known as Super Joshi) who possesses supernatural powers. The story events take place in human world and fairy world both. The fairy wonderland is referred as Pari Lok in the show. The series is popular among kids worldwide especially in countries where Hindi / Urdu is spoken or understood. The show depicts many supernatural characters. Baal Veer characters have been conceived by Sanjiv Sharma and Vipul Shah. The series premiered on SAB TV on October 8, 2012. It was televised five times a week in evening transmission. The show consisted of 1111 episodes. The last episode was aired on November 4, 2016.Each episode has a running time of 22 mins.

baal veer characters

Baal Veer Characters

The show features both good and evil characters. The fairies of Pari Lok possess magical powers according to their names. Following are the details of main characters.

Baal Veer / Ballu Dagli

Baal Veer is the main protagonist of the show. The boy possesses the magical powers of seven fairies. Baal Veer uses his powers to protect kids and fairies from evil powers. He carries a magical baton which emits his magical powers. Baal Veer lives under the guise of a human boy Ballu. The character has been played by Dev Joshi.

Baal Mitr / Manav Mahesh Dagli

Manav is the friend of Baal Veer. He is very intelligent but coward. Manav is often bullied by Montu, Rohit and Keval at school. He wears glasses and hearing aids. The boy lacks self confidence. Fairies bless him with magical powers and name him Baal Mitr. The character has been played by Rudra Soni.

Baal Sakhi / Meher Mahesh Dagli

Meher is Manav’s sister and friend of Baal Veer. She is a brave girl. Meher successfully defends her brother from evil kids except Montu. Fairies bless her with supernatural powers and name him Baal Sakhi. The character has been played by Anushka Sen.

Rani Pari

Rani Pari is the queen of Pari Lok and the most powerful fairy. She carries a magic baton which emits her powers. The character has been played by actresses Karishma Tanna, Shruti Seth and Sudeepa Singh.

Bhayankar Pari

Bhayankar Pari is a wicked fairy. She was kicked out of Pari Lok due to her evil deeds. She resides in Bhayankar Lok. She constantly try to become Rani of Pari Lok. The character has been played by actresses Shama Sikandar and Shweta Kawatra.

Baal Pari

Baal Pari possesses long magical hair. She can transform her hair into a rope or web to catch wicked people.The characters has been played by Sharmilee Raj.

Bhatkhati Pari

Bhatkhati Pari can create illusions. She uses her eyes to generate graphical effects. She can trap evil people with her illusions. The character has been played by Manisha Thakkar.

Vijdhar Pari

Vijdhar Pari is capable of generating electricity. She uses her powers to help innocent people. She can also transfer her powers to the children. So if wicked people touch the children, they get electric shocks. The character has been played by Minal Mognam.

Dari Dari Pari

Dari Dari Pari is scared of everything. She is capable of frightening people with her magical spells. The character has been played by Sameeksha Sud.

Montu Lakhani

Manto is the schoolmate of Manav and Meher. He is a troublemaker. Monto often bullies other kids with the help of Rohit and Keval. Baal Veer rescues the kids from Monto. The character has been played by Purvesh Pimple.

Other Characters in Baal Veer

  • Dooba Dooba / Tauba Tauba / Buggy Chacha : played by Shridhar Watsar.
  • Natkhat Pari : played by Aditi Sajwan.
  • Aarpaar Pari : played by Dimple Kava.
  • Kasturi Amrutlala Dagli : played by Alpana Buch.
  • Smita Mahesh Dagli : played by Amita Choksi.
  • Rocky Amrutlal Dagil : played by Raashul Tandon.
  • Mahesh Amrutlal Dagli : played by Abhay Harpady.
  • Maa Pari : The character has been played by Rukhsar Rehman.
  • Prachandika : played by Nigaar Khan.
  • Bhwander Pari : played by Deepshikha Nagpal.
  • Katil Pari & Nokili Pari : played by Navina Bole.
  • Chhal Pari : played by Sugandha Mishra.
  • Mahabhasm Pari : played by Shweta Tiwari.
  • Ronnie Mehra : played by Kaivalya Chheda.
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