fifty shades of grey jamie dornan

Fifty Shades of Grey – 14 Reasons Women Like the Film

Introduction :

Fifty Shades of Grey (2011) is an erotic romantic drama movie. It stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. The film has been directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. It is based on a novel of same name by British novelist E. L. James. The story revolves around a college student (Anastasia Steele) who enters into a sadomasochistic relationship with a young billionaire (Christian Grey). The movie received mixed reviews from viewers and critics. However, It movie was a huge box office hit. The film earned $571 million worldwide against the production budget of $40 million. The film is very popular among BDSM community. It will be followed by sequels Fifty Shades Darker (2017) and Fifty Shades Freed (2018).

fifty shades of grey jamie dornan

14 Reasons Women Like Fifty Shades of Grey

Anastasia’s sensuality makes the movie appealing for male viewers. Interestingly, the movie is equally popular among female viewers. What is in the film that makes it interesting for women? We list 14 reasons why women like to watch Fifty Shades of Grey.

1- Wealth

Women are naturally attracted to guys who can provide them with a luxury lifestyle. This is not possible without money. Christian Grey is a billionaire. He takes Anastasia Steele on a glider flight. He showers her with expensive gift items. Such treatment is a dream of every woman.

2- Mystery

Christian Grey is a mysterious guy. He tells Anastasia Steele that he does not do romance. It leaves Steele curious about his interests. She starts trying to figure him out. In real life, women are more attracted to guys with a little mystery about them.

3- Challenge

Women compete with each other over guys they like. Fifty Shades of Grey depicts Christian Grey as a complete package for girls. However, he is not a kind of guy who drools over every girl he sees. A girl has to be special to catch Grey’s attention. In one scene, Grey tells Anastasia Steele that he is not good for her. In another scene, he is about to kiss her but suddenly walks away. Such incidents make things challenging for Steele and make her want Grey more.

4- First Love

Anastasia Steele is a virgin. She has never been involved with a man before. Christian Grey is her first love interest. Women never forget their first love experiences. So when they watch Fifty Shades of Grey, it reminds them of their first love.

5- Sexual Tension

Women like playful build-ups. Christian Grey does not take Anastasia Steele to his bed very soon. He gradually builds a sexual tension between him and Steele. At first, Grey makes an intense eye contact with her. Then he talks to her with a teasing affection. Eventually, he expresses his sexual interest in Steele.

6- Foreplay

Women like foreplay. To them, it is the most important part of sex. Fifty Shades of Grey features many scenes involving foreplay.

7- Mental Escape

Many women live in a fantasy world. They often imagine a Prince Charming courting and seducing them. Christian Grey is equipped with wealth, power, mannerism and good look. Many women think of him as Mr Perfect. Guys like Grey are hard to find in real life. Watching Fifty Shades of Grey is a mental escape for many women. They imagine themselves spending time with Grey.

8- Unapologetic Behavior

Women are interested in a man who is proud of his individuality. Christian Grey does not pretend to be someone he is not. He does whatever he wants and whenever he wants. Grey is not ashamed of what he is. He does not claim that he is perfect.

9- Domination

Majority of women are submissive in nature. They like men to take the lead. Christian Grey is a dominant man. He controls Anastasia Steele during their BDSM sessions. He blindfolds, whips and ties her up. Steele is literally at his mercy. At one point, she gets spanked over Grey’s knees.

10- Surprises

Women love surprises. Fifty Shades of Grey features a couple of surprises. In the beginning, Christian Grey pays Anastasia Steel a surprise visit at the hardware store where she works. On another occasion,  Steele calls him from a bar. Grey quickly comes to the bar to see her even though she has not told him about her location. Throughout the movie, Steel cannot predict Grey’s next move.

11- Possessiveness

Women like to be claimed by men. It makes them feel that their men really care about them. Christian Grey tells Anastasia Steele that she belongs to him.

12- Secrecy

Most women are secret about their sexual encounters. Christian Grey makes Anastasia Steele sign a non-disclosure agreement. He wants her not to reveal the details of their affair to anybody. It provides Steele a strong sense of secrecy.

13- Safety

Women expect men to protect them. Safety is one of their major concerns. In movie, Christian Grey makes sure that  Anastasia Steele feels safe during their BDSM sessions.

14- Soft Porn

Contrary to the popular belief, women enjoy porn as much as men do. However, women are not into intense graphic scenes. Fifty Shades of Grey can be classified as a soft porn movie. Many women who watch the movie find it arousing. A Mexican woman was arrested for masturbating to the movie in a movie theater.

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